5 Habits to Boost Your Focus and Strengthen Your Resolve

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Blog: 5 Habits to Boost Your Focus and Strengthen Your Resolve

Strengthening your resolve increases the likelihood of sticking with your goals and seeing them through to completion.

Thankfully, when you create habits, not only will your focus improve but also your discipline will improve.   


Habit #1 - Do One Thing at a Time

Multitasking is often lauded as a productive technique, but the reality is that it makes you less productive. This is because when you do two things at once, your brain switches back and forth between the tasks, leading to errors and decreased efficiency.

When you stop multitasking and focus on doing one thing at a time, you’ll exponentially increase your productivity and proficiency.

Letting go of multitasking and doing one thing at a time will reduce stress, too, since you're not constantly trying to juggle multiple things at once.


Habit #2 - Start Meditating Daily


A daily meditation habit can help to increase focus by quietening the mind and allowing space for clearer thinking. In addition, a daily meditation practice can help to strengthen resolve by providing a regular time for reflection and setting intentions.

It’s not hard to turn daily meditation into a habit. Just set aside the time each day.

Pick a time when you know that 99 percent of the time you are free and not interrupted, and you will succeed. However, don’t make it so hard on yourself that you fail. For example, if mornings are too busy, find another time or get up a little earlier than the rest of the family.


Habit #3 - Exercise, Hydrate, Eat Healthily, and Rest Enough Every Day

On average, you need to move at a moderate pace (such as walk, swim, or play) for about 20 to 30 minutes daily. In addition, you need to consume approximately eight glasses of water a day and get eight to nine hours of sleep each night. Plus, depending on your situation and medical history, you need to eat the correct calories and nutrients to be healthy and cope with life.


Habit #4 - Prioritize and Schedule Everything

Prioritizing and scheduling everything may seem daunting, but it's a magical way to get it all done – including the fun you’d like to have. When you break down your days and week into manageable chunks, setting aside specific times for different activities, you'll have more time –and energy – for the things you love. Whether you use technology or an old-fashioned calendar doesn’t matter. Having a daily to-do list that aligns with the goals that you do every day will feel like magic when you look back on your success a year from now.  


Habit #5 - Visualize Your Success

Visualization can be a powerful tool for setting and achieving goals. When you picture yourself succeeding, you will increase your motivation and confidence, ultimately improving your chances of achieving your goal.


Finally, understand your sphere of control. You only control your own thoughts, emotions, and actions.

A great side effect of this mindset is that you will also become more peaceful and accepting of what is. And when you’re calmer and more accepting, you’re better able to deal with whatever comes your way, and you’ll discover you have strength and resolve that is as solid as a rock.







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